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Brokerage Services

Air, Land and Sea Freight Brokering; State of the art Cargo Logistics Technologies for finding honest Drivers with Trucks dedicated to transporting your goods efficiently and safely, from your place to your valued Customers. Our focus is on-time delivery because your Customers want it, and they want it NOW! Try a Freight shipping quote from us Today! “Let’s talk about moving your Freight Today”.

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Broker Agent Program

Broker Freight like a pro without the high cost of entry. We provide all your Tools; TMS, Load-Board, Authority, Insurance, Scripts, easy method to source your Shippers, Leads, weekly live video mentoring, training and more.


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Complicated Logistics are our specialty. Let us know what your shipping goals are and we will get your Freight there.

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We match Freight to safe, honest and reliable Carriers for on-time delivery; Vetting each Carrier and Truck Driver with the utmost care and vigor to prevent “double-brokering” and Cargo theft.

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We absolutely provide market best value to Shippers, Carriers and Truckers; as a Habit.

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